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Archive - Evidences: Think-Radio!

2005 Final Season Program Summary WRFD AM 880, Columbus, Ohio
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Therese & Dr. Chuck Thurston
Evidences Biblical Institute 13316 Marietta Rd., Kingston, Ohio 45644 Fax: (740) 655-3106

Scroll down and click on one of the hyperlinked titles to listen to an audio file of one of our Evidences Radio Programs. Individual audio CDs and cassette tapes are also available of these and all previous programs from Evidences Biblical Institute.

The following programs were the culminating season of seven years of broadcasting on WRFD AM 880 “The Word” in Columbus, Ohio. With your tax deductible donations we will be able to continue to present to a dying world the hope of solid scientific, historic, mathematical, prophetic, and many other infallible proofs that the Bible really is the Living Word of God and is unlike any other book ever written. Send us your financial support and count it as your faithful rebuttal of the anti-biblical bias of the History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic and all of the other deceptive shows that creep onto the airwaves everyday.

#1a 4/4/05 Rev. J.C. Collins, a miracle offering to a generous and self-sacrificing family.

J. C. and his wife, Lynn, received a spontaneous outpouring of over $12,500.00 from the audience at C. Peter Wagner’s Global Harvest Ministries’ conference in Middletown, Ohio, three days earlier(National Prophetic Conference March 31-April 2 2005) . They were attendees, not speakers. The next day’s offering at their church, New Vision Outreach, exceeded $10,000.00, nearly half the annual budget of this store-front church. He is now the pastor of Salem Community Church in Chillicothe, Ohio


#2b 4/11/05 Teri Lynn Haddox YWAM Mercy Ships Missionary adventures & miraculous provisions.


#3c 4/18/05 Why Us? Chuck & Therese define the need for Evidences that prove the Bible is true.


#4d 4/25/05 Dr. Ben Witherington Decoding the so called DaVinci “Code”


#5e 5/2/05 Richard Rives, President/Director of Wyatt Archaeological Research Updates the Ark of the Covenant Excavations in Jerusalem.


#6f 5/9/05 John Brown, CEO of Zion Oil and Gas: Updates on drilling for Oil in Israel using the Bible as a map for geophysical and prophetic features.


#7g 5/16/05 Lt. Col. John Eidsmoe Esq. Chief Counsel to the Alabama Supreme Court discusses the nature of the Sons of God in Genesis 6. Why did God have to wipe out the antediluvian world with Noah’s Flood.

John Eidsmoe, Lt. Colonel, USAFR(Ret.) Colonel, Alabama State Defense Force

Professor, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law

2648 Pine Acres, Pike Road, AL 36064

(334) 270-1789 fax (334) 386-7223



#8h 5/23/05 Yacov Rambsel, Messianic Jewish Rabbi updates his Yeshua Bible Code research. This was his last broadcast before he went home to be with The Lord. He joins Nathan Meyer and Ron Wyatt among those who broadcast their final words on our program. (Henry Morris and Russ Humphreys both asked us in jest if anyone survived our show.)


#9i 5/30/05 Horatio Spafford, Author of “It Is Well with My Soul had a daughter, Bertha Spafford Vester, and grand daughter, Anna Grace, who corresponded regularly with Chuck’s Grandmother Jenkins from the 1930s until we all met Anna Grace in Jerusalem in 1982. In his grandmother’s affects Chuck found a simple 4-page typed letter from Bertha to his grandmother summarizing her father’s life and faith. See “Bertha Spafford” file on this CD and go to the following Website for a Spafford family album:


#10j 6/6/05 Chuck Thurston, MD at The Rockin’ Fish Café: Big Rocks Bible Study on The Creation of Time, Space and Matter in Genesis 1 is discussed with the Bible as a scientific textbook.


#11k 6/13/05 Carl Kirby with Answers in Genesis on “Where was the Church in the erroneous eugenics and race issues of the mid 20th Century?” One Blood


#12l 6/20/05 Janet Folger, founding director for the D. James Kennedy Center for Reclaiming America, discusses active faith, right to life, including her own, The Criminalization of Christianity and the battle for the unborn.


#13m 6/27/05 David Limbaugh Esq., brother of Rush Limbaugh, Discusses active persecution of Christians in America today refuting the notion broadcast on Christian radio the previous week that “real” persecution for the faith only occurs to Christians in foreign countries.


#14n 7/4/05 Patriotic and spiritual July 4th founders music by Bob Dylan and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (not together!) and commentary with readings from the Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence by Dr. Thurston.


#15o 7/11/05 Michael Hoggard, Pastor of Bethel Freewill Baptist Church in Festus Mo. and author of The Babel Codes discusses 9/11 Bible codes and the pattern of dates that emerges with each new terrorist attack.


#16p 7/18/05 Dr. Thurston teaches on Genesis 3 and why death was a failsafe mechanism to preserve the human race and protect the line of the Messiah.


#17q 7/25/05 Bill Cloud joins us from Shoreshime Ministries in Cleveland, Tennessee, In a memorial tribute to Yacov Rambsel and his work on the Yeshua Codes in the Old Testament. &


#18r Dr. Jason Lisle, AKA Robert Newton, astro-physicist from Answers in Genesis on a Biblical Cosmology that makes better sense and better science.


#19s 8/8/05 Dr. John Baumgardner formerly of Los Alamos National Laboratories, currently with Institute for Creation Research reveals previously unknown fact that Carbon 14 is present in all Carbon making the earth thousands not billions of years old.


#20t 8/15/05Dr. John Baumgardner continues the many scientific infallible proofs that the Bible is true and the earth is very young, Thousands not Billions.


#21u 8/22/05 Dr. D. Russell Humphreys, nuclear physicist, on the RATE project. Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, good scripture equals good science.


#22v 8/29/05 Dr. Gary Cass, present director of the D. James Kennedy Center for Reclaiming America and the way to win the hearts of the voters and reclaim America. .


#23w 9/5/05 Roger Dillard, Dolly-Wood and Legends of the West Mountain Man Character actor announces Development of a Christian theater theme park, Legends of the Living Bible, to begin construction in the spring of 2006 in Greenfield Ohio.


#24x 9/12/05 Hurricane Katrina was not the wrath of God.


#25y 9/19/05 Dr. Glenn Charles Jackson from on creation/evolution.


#26z 9/26/05Ray Hughes of on the Tabernacle of David revival. At C. Peter Wagner’s Global Harvest Ministries’ conference in Middletown, Ohio, (National Prophetic Conference March 31-April 2 2005) where the Collins,our very first guests of this year’s season as audience members received well over $12,500.00 from the audience; Ray Hughes predicted that whirlwinds of revival would sweep up out of the Gulf of Mexico, blow up the Mississippi Valley to the Ohio: And Hurricanes Katrina and Rita did just that, six months later opening up ministry to survivors in that whole region. A promotional spot for Ray’s December 11, 2005 appearance at the Majestic Theater in Chillicothe, Ohio is also included.


Call us if you would like to have a hard copy of any of these programs. Donations appreciated.


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